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Welcome to our Investor Centre

We’re committed to maximising our performance and providing long-term sustainable returns to investors. We’re also committed to giving our investment community accurate, timely, and complete information about the activities of our business, so you have equal opportunity to view and act on information we release.

Key dates

Financial Year End – 31 July 2019

Annual Results Announcement – 12 September 2019

Annual Meeting of Shareholders – 27 November 2019

Half Year End – 31 January 2020

Interim Results Announcement – March 2020

Investor Resources

We are committed to keeping you informed. Below you can find all documents we have released
which relate to our company, and our activities


Our Board

Our Board is responsible for setting the strategic objectives of Synlait and the policy framework within which business is conducted. Our Board is also responsible for monitoring the performance of the company and the enhancement of shareholder value.

Our corporate governance framework takes into consideration best practice for publicly listed companies in New Zealand, and the principles and guidelines issued by the Financial Markets Authority, NZX and ASX.

Our Board members are:
Graeme Milne – Chairman, Independent Director
John Penno – Board Appointed Director
Bill Roest – Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee, Independent Director
Sam Knowles – Independent Director
Hon Ruth Richardson – Chair of the Remuneration and Governance Committee, Bright Dairy appointed New Zealand Director
Min Ben– Bright Dairy appointed Director
Qikai Lu – Bright Dairy appointed Director
Sihang Yang – Bright Dairy appointed Director

Standing Committees

We have two standing Committees appointed by the Board, which are governed by the Charters found in the Investor Resources section.

Our Audit and Risk Committee members are:
Bill Roest (Chair)
Qikai Lu
Graeme Milne

Our Remuneration and Governance Committee members are:
Hon Ruth Richardson (Chair)
Graeme Milne
Min Ben
Sam Knowles
Bill Roest

Analyst and Media Policy

We have several analysts and institutions that follow our shares and may issue commentary or reports on us and our performance from time to time.

We have a policy that we do not generally comment on these analyst reports, unless they are materially misleading in terms of our expected profit forecast.  If this was the case, we would then release a statement to the market generally.

We do conduct clarification and briefing sessions with key analyst groups and major shareholders after the announcement of our Annual Financial Results and our Interim Financial Results, and at other times on an ad hoc basis. We keep a register of all such meetings, and copies of any presentations are then made publicly available through the NZX website and also here on our website.

We do not discuss any material information not already publicly available or previously released to the market at these sessions.

We also engage regularly with the media (in all forms), and we will release information about our operations and business from time to time through selected media channels.  For all material information, this will be disclosed through the NZX website prior to being released to any media outlets.

We have a strict media policy, and only certain members of our Executive Team are authorised to speak to the media on our behalf.  This makes sure that the information provided is accurate, consistent and timely.


Our share register is managed by Computershare. Information on your shareholding can be found by going to the Computershare Investor Centre. You will need your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) or shareholder number and FIN available.

For any other shareholder enquiries please contact Computershare at or call +64 9 488 8777

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