Doing milk differently
for a healthier world

Our Company

We’re a young, pioneering New Zealand-based company that is shifting perceptions and driving value through new thinking, and a new attitude. We combine expert farming with state-of-the-art processing to produce a range of nutritional milk products for our global customers.

Being Different

Our company was born disruptive. It is this spirit that has driven our success. To do things differently than we did yesterday, to try things that haven’t been done before, is at our core.


People and planet underpin all we do. Sustainability isn’t a catchphrase for us. It’s at the core of what we’re doing
everyday – all of us.

Essential Nutrition

The milk nutrition products we manufacture provide genuine benefits for human health and wellbeing for millions of people throughout the world.


Environment, People + Enterprise

We are mobilising around being the best for the world. Through our sustainable innovation platforms, we’re changing our company, transforming our industry and setting up a positive legacy for future generations.

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Our Process

Integrated Value Chain

We are dedicated to the consistent and exceptional quality of our products. That’s because every part of our value chain, from our suppliers to our state-of-the-art processing and our customers, is integrated.

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Our fresh milk capability

Want to join our team?

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