28 April 2021

Synlait launches premium ingredients offering: Made With Better Milk

Synlait Milk Limited (Synlait) has launched Made With Better Milk a premium and differentiated ingredient offering.

Synlait CEO Leon Clement commented: “Today, we are proud to launch Made With Better Milk, a value-add premium ingredients offering that is built upon the sustainability credentials of Synlait’s best practice Lead With Pride™ farming system, our integrated manufacturing and supply chain, and our people and planet-focused B Corp™ certified business.”

“New Zealand made milk nutrition ingredients are well known for quality and safety. However, as we compete with other countries and categories in the food industry, we need to keep raising the game to differentiate ourselves. That game is being played out in terms of environmental and social performance and we’re excited about having a product that allows us to better meet what our customers are asking for.”

Director Sustainability and Brand Hamish Reid commented: “The choices we make about what to eat and drink have a significant impact on the planet and people, which is why today, global consumers are seeking assurances that products are not just healthy, but sustainably, ethically and equitably produced. Our customers have been asking for this and we can now deliver upon the promise.”

Made With Better Milk is providing Synlait’s global customers with the opportunity to differentiate the products they market to consumers based on a supply chain that takes better care for people and animals, and generates better outcomes for climate, water, soil, and biodiversity.

Synlait farmers have been building up their credentials since Lead With Pride™ was launched 2014. After years of hard work, Synlait’s most innovative and determined farmers are now being rewarded with the recognition they deserve.

Synlait’s inaugural Made With Better Milk customer is a prominent consumer brand owner in Asia.

The Made With Better Milk range initially includes whole milk and skim milk powder.

For more information contact:

Hannah Lynch

Corporate Affairs Manager

P: +64 21 252 8990

E: hannah.lynch@synlait.com


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