09 January 2023

Board Committee update

19 December 2022
Board Committee Update
Following Synlait Milk Limited’s (Synlait) Annual Meeting earlier this month, the Board wishes to confirm its
revised Committee structure

The Board has confirmed the membership of the two Committees as outlined below. The Committee
composition meets recommendations outlined in the NZX Listing Rules and NZX Corporate Governance
Code including the mix of skills and independence.
The Audit & Risk Committee members are:
• Min Chen (Bright Dairy Appointment Director)
• Paul McGilvary (Independent Director)
• Paul Washer (Independent Director)
• Simon Robertson (Independent Director)
Paul Washer will Chair the Audit & Risk Committee.

The People, Environment & Governance Committee members are:
• Paul McGilvary (Independent Director)
• Paul Washer (Independent Director)
• Hon Ruth Richardson (Bright Dairy Appointment Director)
• Simon Robertson (Independent Director)
• Yang Sihang (Bright Dairy Appointment Director)
Paul McGilvary will Chair the People, Environment & Governance Committee

For more information contact:
Hannah Lynch
Head of Corporate Affairs & Brand
P: +64 21 252 8990
E: hannah.lynch@synlait.com

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