Lactoferrin has been recognised for its health benefits. It has a range of bio-active functions, including iron binding, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Synlait Lactoferrin is recovered using sophisticated technologies from premium New Zealand milk collected from pasture fed cows. Extreme care is taken throughout the entire process to ensure maximum bio-activity protection.

Ideal Infant Formula Application

Synlait Lactoferrin is ideal for incorporation into nutritional products, particularly infant formula. Our unique process ensures particle size consistency, making dry blending easy and homogenous. The powder colour more closely matches that of finished infant powder, making it difficult to detect. It’s also highly soluble when reconstituting infant formula leaving no pink spots in the bottle and ensuring the nutritional goodness is absorbed.

All Synlait Lactoferrin is packed in a multi-layered foil pouch.

Key benefits of Synlait Lactoferrin

  1. Consistent particle size
  2. Easy to dry blend
  3. Colour closer to finished infant powder
  4. Highly soluble

Ideal OTC Supplements

Synlait Lactoferrin, can be specifically manufactured for use in over the counter supplements, particularly tablets. Our manufacturing process allows us to have total control over the powder particle shape so milling is not required, density and morphology resulting in improved:

  1. Dissolvability
  2. Coatability
  3. Bio-activity protection

Other Applications

There are a range of other applications for Synlait Lactoferrin which include enteral foods and tablets, products to support the immune and gastrointestinal systems, oral health care, sports formulations and nutritional products.