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Follow on Formula (6-12 months)

As a baby begins to grow its nutritional needs change with it. That is why we created Synlait Follow-on Formula, a dairy milk-based formula suitable for feeding healthy infants between the age of 6 and 12 months. It is a fully formulated milk powder that is ready for final packaging. Further differentiation can also be achieved by dry blending Follow-on Formula with other minor ingredients. Our highly specialised team of food technologists and production experts work closely with our ...

Current Opportunities

We have exciting job opportunities that will certainly provide the next challenge in your career.

Tailor-made Products

We offer a unique capability, the ability to work with our customers to tailor-make products that consumers really want.

Sophisticated Plant

It’s all about flexibility and scale to meet specific customer needs.

Our Capabilities

We are committed to providing an exceptional and consistently high standard of product. We also offer our customers greater flexibility to produce nutritional formulations, functional dairy ingredients, and special milks specific to their needs.


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