Our Board is responsible for setting the strategic objectives of Synlait and the policy framework within which business is conducted. Our Board is also responsible for monitoring the performance of the Company and the enhancement of shareholder value.

We have a Board Charter and series of Policies which are designed to ensure that we operate in a transparent, fair and ethical way serving the interests of all of our stakeholders.

Our corporate governance framework takes into consideration best practice for publicly listed companies in New Zealand, and the principles and guidelines issued by the Financial Markets Authority, NZX and ASX.

At Synlait, we are very lucky to have a truly diverse, international and experienced Board.

Our Board members are:

Standing Committees

We have two standing Committees appointed by the Board, which are governed by the Charters below:

Audit and Risk Committee
Remuneration and Governance Committee


The following Charters and Policies have been adopted to ensure we have an optimal framework in place.



Other Documents