We have several analysts and institutions that follow our shares and may issue commentary or reports on us and our performance from time to time.

We have a policy that we do not generally comment on these analyst reports, unless they are materially misleading in terms of our expected profit forecast.  If this was the case, we would then release a statement to the market generally.

We do conduct clarification and briefing sessions with key analyst groups and major shareholders after the announcement of our Annual Financial Results and our Interim Financial Results, and at other times on an ad hoc basis. We keep a register of all such meetings, and copies of any presentations are then made publicly available through the NZX website and also on our investor centre website.

We do not discuss any material information not already publicly available or previously released to the market at these sessions.

We also engage regularly with the media (in all forms), and we will release information about our operations and business from time to time through selected media channels.  For all material information, this will be disclosed through the NZX website prior to being released to any media outlets.

We have a strict media policy, and only certain members of our Executive Team are authorised to speak to the media on our behalf.  This makes sure that the information provided is accurate, consistent and timely.