It's all about demonstrating industry leadership in food safety and sustainability.

Synlait’s Lead With Pride™ recognises and financially rewards suppliers who achieve dairy farming best practice. It’s transformational and guarantees the integrity of pure natural milk produced on certified dairy farms.

This enables our world leading health and nutrition customers to differentiate their products as having absolute integrity and superior quality as well as being sustainably produced – critical in a competitive marketplace.

We’re proud to be working with New Zealand’s best dairy farmers. Together we’re leading the dairy industry towards a new vision. It’s all about leading with pride.

“To produce world class milk based nutritional products and create value for all, we need leaders who are committed to farming excellence.”

John Penno, CEO

Synlait’s Lead With Pride™ is Australasia’s only internationally accredited ISO/IEC 17065 dairy farm assurance system. To become Certified Members, our suppliers must demonstrate their skills and industry leadership, above and beyond the ordinary.


The Vision

It starts with the desire to be the best across the four pillars of dairy farming.


For dairy farming to be sustainable, our industry’s environmental practices must be sustainable too. Protecting the environment is both good farming and good business.

To become Certified Members, our suppliers must achieve excellence in efficient water and irrigation management, effective effluent management, improved biodiversity, soil quality, emissions and energy management.

Animal Health & Welfare

The health and welfare of a herd impacts directly on milk quality.

The best dairy farmers know this and work hard to ensure a happy, healthy herd. It’s the proactive steps they take today that help improve milk production tomorrow.

Certified Members exceed New Zealand’s Animal Health & Welfare standards. This includes accurately monitoring and recording animal health events and outcomes so better decisions can be made in the future and performance improved.

Milk Quality

It takes modern, innovative farming methods to produce the highest quality milk that our customers want in their products.

Our best suppliers are dedicated to food safety. They do this by monitoring milk quality daily and focusing on practices that ensure the absolute integrity of the pure natural milk they produce.

Our Certified Members are recognised for excellence in areas that our customers consider essential, including dairy presentation and infrastructure, hygiene practices, milk cooling, residue management and staff training.

Social Responsibility

The greatest potential on any farm lies in its people. By building cohesive teams that have real drive and passion, our suppliers are able to improve overall farm performance.

Taking a comprehensive human resources approach, farmers create more opportunities for success, they also attract the best employees.

Certified Members take a systems approach to recruitment, management, training and health & safety. They create a sense of teamwork on farms and standout as an employer that our industry respects.


Rewarding Excellence

To achieve and maintain Certified Membership our suppliers must pass independent audits by AsureQuality, but the rewards are real and meaningful.

  • Recognition from the dairy industry as a genuine leader.
  • We pay our Certified Members a premium for their milk.
  • Best practice farms are more productive and profitable.
  • Best practice farms attract the best young farming talent.
  • Being one of New Zealand’s only farms with internationally recognised ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation.

Download: Our Lead With Pride™ brochure